Take control, without the hassle

Letting a property can be hugely stressful, and that’s before you’ve even begun to tackle changes in legislation. Our property management service aim to make your life much easier while ensuring a long and successful tenancy.

We’ll take those day-to-day rental problems off your hands. No emails about dripping taps while you’re at work, no late-night calls from tenants who’ve locked themselves out.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to maintain your property to the very highest standard.

Can you afford not to have us manage these essential steps? 

Our single management fee covers everything you could need, protecting your tenants from any surprises and you from landlord fines in excess of £5,000.

1. Pre-tenancy 

Your named, dedicated property manager will make sure everything is sorted, from regulation compliance to deposit protection. 

Management visit. Meet your property manager at your home to cover everything from appliances to warranties to meters. Nothing is left to chance. 

Compliance works. We advise on, and arrange, any pre-tenancy compliance works that are needed, to protect you as the landlord. These include: Gas safety certificate, energy performance certificate, check-in and inventory, and a professional clean.   

Utility management. We take over all utility management, closing any accounts in your name (and confirming any refunds back to you) and ensuring the council, and electricity, gas, and water suppliers, have the new tenants’ details. 

Inspection. Before tenants move in, we inspect to confirm condition. And ensure there are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in place, to protect you from landlord fines of up to £5,000.   

Info pack. We produce a property information pack for the tenants, covering refuse collection, parking, appliances, emergency details and helpful tips.

Deposit protection. We register the deposit, in line with legislation. Failure to comply could leave you liable to a fee three times the value of the deposit.  


2. Tenancy

We take care of all aspects of account management and resolve any disputes, taking the hassle away from you. 

Ongoing regulatory compliance. Regulation is constantly changing. We make sure you’re never caught out. Covering gas, electricity, the energy performance of the building, tax issues, the deregulation act, deposit protection and the Homes (fitness for human habitation) Act 2018.   

Inspections. We inspect in month four and every six months thereafter, feeding back to you each time. 

Insurance claims. If anything arises, we’ll deal with insurance claims, obtaining quotes and liaising with the insurance company. 

Maintenance. Guaranteed same day response, always seeking to resolve the issues in the most cost-effective way for you from our database of contractors (database re-vetted every quarter). 

Refurbishment works. We can advise on and project manage full refurbs on your behalf, through to final snagging. 

Contactable 24/7. You’ll always speak to someone when you call, never to an answering machine. 


3.  End of Tenancy 

Full end-of-tenancy management, including onboarding new tenants and starting the process over. 

Notices. Facilitating tenant notice or serving any section 21 notices on your behalf to the tenants. 

Contract enforcement. Making tenants aware of their contractual obligations, from replacing lightbulbs to a having the property professionally cleaned.

Deposit assistance. Reviewing the property, assisting with any maintenance quotes, and negotiating any deposit disputes with the tenant on your behalf.    

Utility management. At the end of tenancy, we’ll take meter readings and ensure the outgoing tenants have settled all accounts before we transfer to the new tenants.

Turnaround. We will ensure the property is in great order for the next tenancy.


"It is a pleasure to work with Winchester White! They took initiative and pushed the relevant parties to repair issues quickly! As a landlord, It really helps to know and trust that you can rely on an agent to do everything in their power to resolve an issue without stressing you or the tennants!"

, 2019