How we deliver to our landlords

Dedicated to lettings

All eyes on lettings

Lettings are 100% of our business, so you’re 100% of our focus.

Smart matching

Up to 60mins one-on-one discussions to capture exactly what you need.

Bespoke offices

Each one designed for its neighbourhood.

Personalised orientation service

We’ll give your tenants tailored advice on schools, gyms, nurseries – you name it. All so they make your property their long-term home.

Built for Generation Rent

We understand Generation Rent inside out. We know your tenants are looking for a home, not a house.

Dedicated to partnerships

Property partners

Your partner will take time to really listen to you and find out exactly what you need.

One named point of contact

You won’t be passed from one property partner to another. You’ll always work with the same person the whole way through the process.

250 hours of training

So that your partner has the skills and tenacity to solve problems and get you what you want.

Investment consultants

Up-to-the-minute investment advice that will help you get the best commercial returns, from investment seminars to landlord workshops.


Established relationships with the partners you need, from relocation agents to corporate clients to vetted contractors for full refurbs

Dedicated to seamless process


We’ve refined the renting journey to the fewest, simplest, most efficient steps, keeping the pace up and the delays down.


Same-day valuation if you book before 12pm. Read and sign all paper work remotely. Property photographed within two hours. Listing live within 12 hours, helping you to find the best tenants quickly.


Smart matching means we find you the very best tenants, while our thorough online verification system ensures everyone is who they say they are. Nothing is outsourced. Nothing is missed.


To save you any surprises on moving day, we make sure you’ve been introduced to your tenant at least one week earlier. However, for complete peace of mind upgrade to our comprehensive property management service.


We charge the same set rate for all landlords, no matter whom you deal with.

Dedicated to tech

Control back into your hands

Our continued investment in tech means you enjoy the swiftest and most seamless rental experience.


Our bespoke online letting platform allows you to complete paperwork remotely and access all your downloadable documentation in one place.

In-house referencing

We go through every reference ourselves on our bespoke internal system so that everything remains under our control and nothing is missed.


As a landlord, you know we’re prepared for the future of renting in London. Making things as easy as possible as the climate changes and evolves.